Our Daily Homeschool Rhythm


I've been asked a few times to share what homeschooling looks like in our home and how it works within our day. Honestly, it never looks the same from day to day but there are elements that flow and a rhythm to how we approach our home education. Hang on because this one is going to be pretty lengthy ;) 

Wake Up

Charlotte's little pitter patter of feet wakes me up as she sneaks in to my bedroom to wake me up at 6:30am. If I'm already awake, she'll wander downstairs for some breakfast and snuggle time. Shortly after that the boys are up and the four of us have breakfast together. It's usually pretty relaxed and slow and low key. 


Clean Up

After breakfast we head upstairs to clean up and get ready for the day. Dressed, teeth and hair brushed and beds made. (I usually down another cup of coffee and unload last night's dishes at this time)

Morning Time

Every evening, I clean up the school shelves and prepare the 'lesson' for the day. More on that and our current courses and books coming soon! We snuggle up on the couch and begin our day. I do some read aloud for about an hour from our history book, and at least one book of literature - usually more, and a poem. Theodore gets up and walks around, makes a mess, plays in the toy kitchen at this time. Charlotte often hops off the couch and colors at the dining room (aka school table) table. William is always snuggled right next to me hanging on every word. It is lovely. And incredibly frustrating. When we started it was awful and we only got through about 20minutes of read aloud. Now we're up to at least an hour and it gets a little easier each day. 



William asked for 'recess' a few weeks ago and we've incorporated it in to our day. I try to stay away from any terminology or anything that looks like the school institution because there's been a lot of reading I've done that shows doing your own thing and not 'copying' what a typical school looks like is better for everyone. But, William asked for recess and he's been thriving with a little mid-morning break! So we're sticking with it. The kids usually head outside to the cul de sac to ride bikes or play basketball for about 30-45 minutes and then head back in for a quick snack.

Table Time

*I make another cup of coffee* We gather around the school table for an hour or so doing art and narration. Theodore gets strapped in to his high chair (if willing) and plays with some stacking cups, or a manipulative to entertain him for a few minutes while I get William and Charlotte settled. Charlotte colors in a book or watercolors or works in her handwriting book. William does a narration page (details on that coming SOON) with my assistance. Teddy is usually done by now and fussing so I get him down and read a handful of board books to him and Charlotte if she's interested while checking on William every couple of minutes. This is a totally frustrating part of the day but the most rewarding. It's completely worth every minute.

Lunch & Nap

The kids eat lunch while I do dishes and clean up the school supplies from the morning. Charlotte and Theodore take naps at the same time and William heads upstairs to his room to do his worksheets. We have 2 workbooks for William (more on that soon): math and handwriting. He does handwriting while he's in his room and then plays Legos or baby dolls on his own for an hour - this boy thrives on his alone time #introvert and this is like his reset button.



After nap time, I sit down with Charlotte and we work on reading. Charlotte and Teddy then play on their own or have a snack while I help William with his math workbook. By then, Brad gets home from work and the kids head outside to play with their friends in the cul de sac! 


Brad, the baby whisperer, puts Theodore to sleep while I read to the big kids. I try to pick a heftier chapter book that's appropriate for both William and Charlotte. Right now we're reading Harry Potter which isn't capturing Charlotte's attention, so she plays with some Legos or Brad reads her a different book.

PHEW! Questions? Comments? I'm an open book :)