Spring Cleaning - Beauty Edition


While it's still a little gloomy and chilly here (sorry, East Coast friends, I know you're in a blizzard!), it is officially SPRING!

Usually around this time of year I'm cleaning up our toys, school shelves, hall closet and pantry. Tidying up, tossing anything that's not serving the family in this season and replacing old and battered things with fresh new ones.

I have an article coming soon about clearing out the pantry and preparing for Spring foods but today I wanted to pop in and talk about Spring cleaning an area that often gets left behind or forgotten - your beauty routine.


Makeup Bag Before ...


Makeup Bag After


Using old makeup is a great way to add unwanted bacteria to your face and body and it's just downright gross. I know, I know, you're not finished with that tube of mascara yet and it feels like a waste to toss it but please don't hang on to anything past it's expiration date. If you can't find or remember when your makeup/skincare goes bad here's a helpful cheat sheet:

Cleanser - 1 year
Moisturizer - 6 months
Concealer - 1 year
Powder & Blush - 2y ears
Brow Pencil - 2 years
Mascara - 3 months
Eyeliner - 6 months
Lipstick - 2 years

There are loads of ways to clean makeup brushes but the simplest is to get a small shallow bowl and fill it with soapy water, dip your brush in and push the bristles against your hand or a dry clean cloth. Don't just do this every Spring, keep it up every couple of weeks!

Is there a tube of lipstick that you bought but never used because you hate the color? An eye cream that you've forgotten? Toss it. Don't hold on to things just because you feel beholden to it or guilty for wasting. Keeping it in your makeup bag or medicine cabinet is wasting space and if it's as stuffed as most women, it's taking up mental space too. Just toss it.

In the Spring and Summer you probably don't need that heavy moisturizing serum you've been toting around all Winter. Swap it for a lighter version like a gentle day cream or skip it altogether and try going with a simple facial oil

Can't find the sunscreen you used last year? It's probably time for an upgrade anyway. Grab a tinted moisturizer with SPF built in - it's lighter that foundation and perfect for Spring and make sure to toss a little tube of sunscreen in your bag to carry around in case you need it.

I'm not a fan of those cleansing wipes or oil blotting things because, well, there's what? 30 of those little wipes in each pack and they're all single use. Not a fan of all that waste. Instead, control the shine that comes with these warmer months with a mattifying powder - seriously a lifesaver for my shiny oily face!


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