For the Love of Morning Sickness


Things I've been able to eat or drink without getting nauseous or sick:

flour tortillas






Each pregnancy has brought something different, caused a new experience. But nothing ever like this. I started feeling the nausea and morning sickness before I even took a pregnancy test. I replaced my jeans with joggers and leggings around 6 weeks and ordered a pair of maternity jeans around the same time. 

But even with the sickness, exhaustion, nausea following to and from all day long, it's a relief.

Every time I run to the bathroom, each time I chug a glass of water or double over from nausea, I am reassured that things are going just as they're meant to. I've had 2 miscarriages. One before each of my boys and there were no symptoms. No nausea, no exhaustion, no sickness. No reassuring discomfort or any hint there was a baby inside of me. 

I welcome this incredibly uncomfortable, frustrating, downright awful stage of this pregnancy. I welcome it as a swift and constant reminder of what's to come. Of growth and of love.