This new moon has me all sorts of introspective. As my business, Hello, Nourish, is flourishing (also the name of the group health coaching program I just announced! haha), I'm pulled back towards home and towards nourishing the ones around me with personal connections and figuring out or exploring how those things can coexist.

I love change and new ideas and the excitement of new projects, but when faced with the edge of a new level, I often retreat back to the safe, comfortable space I know. This time, I'm leaning in to the change and the next level of my business while keeping one foot planted firmly in the home.


With baby #4 on its way and arriving this Fall, there's a lot to think about and a lot that will need reassessing and adjusting and, if we're being honest, letting go. I'm not gonna lie, I want big things. I dream big, have huge goals, desires, plans. But they can't all happen without giving up a few things I also hold dear. So this illusive (impossible) idea of balance rears it's ugly head and I mostly want to run and hide.

A few ways I've been moving forward while still assessing how things will look in the Fall with baby #4:

1. Journaling. I can't stress the importance of expressive writing. Not only is it well-researched to lower signs of stress and the affects of stress, it just feels really cozy to get your thoughts down on paper.

2. Trying new things. Lately my yoga practice has felt stale. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and most of my favorite things are off-limits (gimmie deep twists all day long!), but I've been craving some reenergization (not a word - go with it) in my practice and my teaching. Last week I went out of my comfort zone, attended a Yin & Breathwork class with a bunch of strangers and had the most amazing time (and felt the baby move! more HERE). I left refilled with appreciation for yoga and my body and it helps to just get things in to perspective.

3. Remembering that I can't control the feelings or thoughts of anyone around me. Nor is it my responsibility to do so. It's super easy as an empath, to get so caught up in what everyone is feeling. I can smell someone's annoyance or discomfort or whatever a mile away. And if it gets too close I can so easily take over those feelings as my own and then try to fix them. I can only control my words, my behavior, my actions, my efforts, and the consequences of my actions. Everything else is off of my plate and not my job. When I can shut out the external noise and listen introspectively the world quiets down and I can make better decisions or actually listen to my own thoughts.