Life in Photos

In almost exactly 5 months I will become a mother of four children. Four humans that I created, grew, nourished with my own body for whom I'm now responsible.

It seems like an impossible task but at the same time, the most natural next step in our lives. This hodgepodge of photos from the last week sum up how we've been spending our time but doesn't show the hours spent on my computer, working, writing, speaking with clients. That time taken away from my children that I won't get back. It's tough to put in to words how conflicted my internal emotions are right now but as I feel more kicks and swimming around from the baby growing inside me, I'm even more pulled towards focusing on these little humans that depend on me for nearly everything. 

We're heading to the midwest this weekend to see family in Ohio and Chicago and I look forward to creating a little more space in my mind by getting away from our daily routines. Maybe figuring out a new routine that works better for us all.