Our Summer Garden

We were a little late in transitioning our garden from winter to summer but hopefully with all the coastal breezes it'll be okay. I've loved watching our garden grow over the last few months. Harvesting kale and herbs and artichoke right from our backyard is something I never thought I'd be doing - let alone thoroughly enjoying! 

Preparing and prepping a garden was certainly no small feat. Brad and I worked so hard to create this bed from scratch last winter - digging out the grass, laying compost, soil, mulch and doing a lot of trial and error in getting the earwig problem handled. I expected the same kind of tough, strenuous, exhausting labor this season but with all of the planning and groundwork we laid earlier, it was surprisingly simple to get this garden settled and growing. 

As this was just the second season of planting for this garden we had to do a bit of work to prepare before putting in the herbs and vegetables. The process was simple but arduous - rake all of the mulch out of the garden on to a large tarp (so it's easier to put back in the garden later and doesn't ruin the grass). The next step was to till up the dirt a little. We originally dug up grass to plant this garden last winter and the grass has still found a way to creep back in. This step will hopefully help in keeping the grass out and allowing for more extensive root systems. Next we scooped out the compost we've been compiling for the last year and incorporated it in to the soil we just tilled as well as a layer of fresh garden soil purchased from the nursery. Then came the planting. The kids really enjoyed helping dig holes for the plants and dropping them in to the holes. And of course watering. Why do all kids love to water?? Finally, once everything was in the ground, the mulch from last season goes back on top and we water thoroughly. We'll probably replace the mulch for next winter but there's no sense in tossing perfectly good mulch after only one season.

It's been one of the most relaxing parts of my days - heading out to the garden to weed (ie pull grass ... ), and water and feed these plants. And then to simply hop outside to grab some fresh rosemary for a meal has been such a joy to experience with the kids. I don't know who loves looking for ripe red tomatoes more - Charlotte or me ;) 

Here's what our Summer garden looks like:


We also planted a fig tree and a lemon tree in the corners that already are starting to bear fruit! It's a simple one this time around, with fewer options than our winter garden, but it sure does smell delicious!

Do you have a summer garden? What are you planting this season? What should we plant for the Fall?