Apple Picking 2016


there's something about autumn that gives me chills. and not because of the falling temperatures. 

the falling leaves, the crisp mornings, the cozy evenings and everything in between makes me think of fond memories from my childhood. a favorite of mine was always apple picking with our family friends. we'd pile in to our respective minivans and head out to some apple orchard that always felt like it was hours away but was probably more like 30 minutes. unload and head off toward the 'good' apples. loading up our baskets and buckets of the fruit and eating more than our fair share, then heading home to bake pies, make apple butter and bob for apples.

i spent four years after my wedding in warm and sunny places like florida and california and never saw fall again. while constant summer was lovely, i longed to feel the crunch of freshly fallen leaves under my boots, to feel a cool breeze through my hair. or even taste one of those amazing apple pies again. now that we're back in ohio and i have my own little ones, i see the importance of these moments through their eyes. and since they're all so little, the best way to get our fix of apple picking is definitely from the apple trees in papa & gigi's backyard.