The Christmas Tree Farm

growing up went to this tree farm to cut down our christmas tree every year. when we moved back to town i knew exactly where we were headed. after seeing the weather forecast (61 degrees!) i hopped on the phone to brad and we made a plan to go when he got home from work instead of waiting till the weekend. we picked the first tree we saw and i cut it down myself! first time cutting down a tree so i'm pretty proud of myself.

i didn't even really realize that this was theodore's first christmas until we were home. he's already 7 months old and it feels like it's closer to a year (pulling up on things, crawling up stairs, eating all the solid food). but he's definitely just a baby and still has a lot of firsts left to go. this family, guys. it's crazy. some days we're totally in sync and i'm like 'yeah, mama of the year!' and others i'm totally drowning. lately most of the days have been fantastic. like really really great. but there's still times where i think to myself 'how did i get here? why am i a mama? who let this happen?' i know i'll never have the answers to those questions. but i'm working towards accepting that this is how my life is and i'm endlessly happy with where we are. this little family of mine is pretty darn perfect.

an almost perfect attempt at a self-timer family photo! the camera was precariously perched on a pile of firewood, and while i thought it was straight, it came out so incredibly crooked and the only way to fix it was to cut off our feet (anyone else endlessly annoyed when feet are cut off in photos??). but we still have everyone looking and/or smiling so i'd call that a win.