How to Be Healthy - Really


Recently someone asked me why education wasn't enough to help someone through a behavior change? Why isn't the knowledge that diet and exercise are really enough good enough to make people change? 

We all know deep down that's the simple answer. How to lose weight? How to feel healthy and strong? How to BE healthy? 

The answer has always and will always be diet and exercise.

So why then are we always reaching for the latest pill or powder or extreme diet/juicing/deprivation trend? Why do we skip pass the balanced diet and exercise and go find something else?

We want the quick fix.

In a society and, really a world, where faster is better, we've been conditioned to want better, more, NOW. And the same goes for our health. When we notice a breakout on our face we don't sit back and think about our hydration levels and the foods we've been eating. We grab the closest cream that promises to 'zap zits fast!' and call it a day. When we notice our jeans are fitting a little more snug than they used to we don't go to the gym or hit the trails for a run and take a closer look at our diet. We go on a juice cleanse and stop eating carbs. 

We look for the easy way out.

But here's the thing - the easy way? While it may work for a bit and that juice cleanse does look great on Instagram, it's not serving you or your health in the long run. Finding the quickest, easiest way to anything usually isn't the best. And when it comes to our bodies and our health ... shouldn't we want the best?

Yes, it will take longer to get a thorough look at your diet. It might be a little painful or awkward to keep track of your food for a few days and see all of the things you're actually putting in your body. It might feel slow and weird to start a new exercise routine and say 'no' to the extra scoop of ice cream but IT. IS. WORTH. IT.

The slow way is the best way. Not only for our bodies but for our minds. If we keep masking the problem with a cream or a juice we're not really understanding where it came from. Getting deep to the source of what's hurting us and understanding our bodies better is one of the greatest ways to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth, self-love, self-understanding. Knowing that 'oh, my body doesn't react well with dairy' can open up a whole new world of appreciation for your body and your awareness of it. 

I've worked with women who've tried 'all the diets' and EVEN the ones who say their extreme diet worked tell me that they still didn't feel comfortable with their health. They didn't feel ease within their body. Not until after a few sessions with me and my MIND + BODY + FOOD program did they begin to understand how their body works, what their true motivations and roadblocks were, and how to regain a sense of ease and simplicity when it comes to food and exercise.

We think we want the quick fix and the easy way out. But what we really want is to understand what's going on, how to overcome it and how to move the f*ck on and enjoy our lives! You in?

I'm booking clients for my MIND + BODY + FOOD coaching this summer.

If you're sick of the diets and can't look at green juice anymore and wish someone would just give you a piece of bread, you're in the right place.

My MIND + BODY + FOOD program is 6 weeks of nutrition + exercise coaching from not only someone who's been there, but someone who's been in your shoes and then went and got the big girl training to help you get out of there. A certified yoga instructor and MS Nutrition candidate and member of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, I know not only the nerdy nutrition and biochemistry but also the mindset, stressors and behavior change steps it takes to truly make a difference in your life for the long haul.

Working with me for 6 weeks will get you off the diet train for good and get you actually loving your body. Let's repair your relationship with health! Fill out the form below for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you!

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