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Beachy waves | Life By Bri

i wash my hair 2-3 times each week. i let it air dry and then use a flat iron to smooth everything out and add a little wave. this style lasts me a few days until it's too kinky or greasy or sweaty and i have to wash again. sometimes though, i like to give my hair (and my arms. using a flat iron is a workout!) a break. every couple of weeks or so i let it do it's thing. i let my conditioner hydrate in the shower a little longer than usual, don't brush, and let it air dry. i have naturally frizzy, weirdly curly hair that has a mind of it's own. but i've learned how to tame it for a day or two:

i love conditioner. i've finally found one that isn't so heavy and works amazingly well with just a little dollop. (this means my shampoo and conditioner will actually run out at the same time. magic!). this is the key to being successful with the curly girl air dry. you've got to make the decision to go curly while you're in the shower so you can leave the conditioner on for a little longer. i wash my hair, work conditioner through the ends first and then a little through the lengths (never roots!) and DON'T RINSE until the very end of the shower. i shower fast so it's like 5 minutes of having the conditioner on.

you know how you scrunch your hair to get it curlier? do that with the towel to get it to stop dripping. DO NOT RUB. that creates frizz and nobody wants that.

the only product i use on my curly hair is beautycounter's texture sea salt mist. here's the trick: do not spray it directly on your hair. you will end up with crunchy pieces in a sea of frizz. the trick is to spray a few sprays in to your hands, rub together, and then scrunch throughout your hair. i have A LOT of hair (even hairdressers are surprised at the amount) so i use 6 sprays. you'll probably use less. 

this is the most important step. don't touch your hair. don't do any hair flips, don't even look at it in the mirror or it'll all fall apart and you'll end up looking like a lion. do not be tempted to touch it at all. 

SLEEP ON IT *if you want*
i usually wash my hair in the evenings, give it enough time to dry about 80-90% and then sleep on it. this allows the pillow to do some work of flattening it out a bit so it's not as big and puffy. if you like big hair, you can totally skip this part. i like my curls a little on the beachy side so i really like the effect of slept-on hair. just be sure to repeat the spray in the morning to revive it. 2-3 sprays of the texture sea salt mist will do. again, spraying in hands before working through hair.

beachy waves require a little bit of playfulness. it's not serious business. if you're gonna go curly, ya gotta rock it out. play around with your part, touch-up a few pieces with a curling iron of straightener (DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY), and have fun! 

there are so many kinds of curly hair. different textures, lengths, weights make styling it so difficult because everyone has a different way that works for them. i've read countless 'how-to's for curly hair that have never worked for my particular kind of curls. this is what works for me and allows me to free up some time and energy on those hair washing days. more time to play with my littles? yes, please! 

are you a curly girl? what's your go-to routine or product?