Oh Mama, Etc

oh mama,

you change diapers. you wipe noses. you kiss boo boos. you carpool. you do the stroller shuffle. you buy the perfect crib. you potty train. you read. you cook. you clean. you cry. you laugh. you play. you work so darn hard.

you are a mama. you are amazing. you are one-of-a-kind. you struggle, yes, but you are doing an amazing job (trust me. even when it doesn't feel like it).

what you aren't doing is something just for you. you're not running like you used to. you're not reading the news. you're not enjoying cookouts. you're not practicing yoga. you're not pursuing an advanced degree. you're not having dates with your partner.

we are busy. we are keeping tiny people ALIVE. we all deserve a medal. but at some point, all of the 'et cetera' in our lives gets lost. we are so focused on our role as 'mama' we forget about the rest. maybe we used to love baking but have replaced it with mac n' cheese and hurried store bought cookies. maybe we used to be avid gym-goers and now can barely find time to squeeze in a little weight lifting from the living room couch. it's 100% understandable to see these little things fall by the wayside. and, in a lot of cases, it's absolutely necessary to give up little pieces of our lives before we were mamas. but does that mean that we have to completely lose ourselves?

my first three years as a mama were hard. i didn't realize how hard they were until i suffered through postpartum depression and desperately needed to find a way back to 'brianna' without the title of mama. in that dark time i discovered a love and need for fitness. i started running, practicing yoga and becoming much more conscious about the foods i put on my table. it changed my life. now i make the time in my busy schedule as 'mama' and business lady to do things that fill my own cup. i run as often as i can, i squeeze in yoga sessions whenever i see a free hour or so and i frequent the farmer's market with my little ones. that last one is the most important: i involve my children in the things that fill me up. yes, I need time away from them (don't we all?), but i also need to show them that they can do things with me. that they are a part of my life as much as i'm a part of theirs. and in order to help teach them that lesson, i have to first have a life apart from theirs.

whether you're a new mama, a seasoned mama, a mama-to-be, a someday-mama, a mama of grown children, you struggle to connect with that part of you that you set on the back-burner long ago. you struggle to fill your own cup while the waters overflow for your children. 

this is the place for you. 

this month, groups of women are coming together from all across the country in backyards, in coffee shops, yoga studios, bars, to share their hearts. to gather and talk about thing that matter to them. things they struggle with. things that lift them up. things that often get lost behind 'how is the baby sleeping?' or 'oh, she's really struggling in school'. this month, for one evening, we're taking back the women we were before we became mamas. remembering all of the 'et cetera' that used to come first and needs to be uncovered. 

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