Freshly Picked Cookbooks

plant-based cookbooks | life by bri

books, planning, lists. 

these are a few of my favorite things.

vegetables, cooking, sharing meals.

these are a few of my new favorite things.

every weekend, these favorite things come together as i prepare our menu for the week. usually i sit in front of the computer, pouring over recipes from some blogs or pinterest, but lately i've found myself standing on my tiptoes to reach the forgotten cookbooks in the cabinet over the range. 

as i was unpacking boxes in our new kitchen, i noticed that most of the recipes in the cookbooks i owned were no longer of use to me. i fell down the amazon rabbit hole clicking away searching for a few new plant-based cookbooks to add to my now very small collection. i stumbled upon the first mess and from there, amazon knows me so well, i was recommended another and another and another until my cart was full of delicious-looking cookbooks.

plant-based cookbooks | life by bri
plant-based cookbooks | life by bri

i pared the shopping list down a bit before clicking 'purchase' (amazon prime is the best thing ever. 2-day shipping, oh yes) and waited anxiously. 

*dishing up the dirt is not a vegan cookbook but is loaded with veggie-based recipes and ones that can be easily adapted to fit a vegan diet*

one of my favorite parts of the week is when i sit down with a cup of coffee and plan my menu and shopping list for the week. with good old pen and paper and now, a rather large stack of freshly picked plant-based cookbooks. there's something soothing and satisfying about flipping through a new cookbook, searching for the perfect recipe for wednesday night's dinner, writing out the ingredients on a note pad, doing a little happy dance when i see most items are already in my pantry. what's great about this kind of cooking, is that all i need to buy on a weekly basis is nut milk and vegetables. most everything else (seeds, nuts, beans, seasonings) are already in my kitchen. sure that first grocery bill was a shocker, but since then, i've actually spent less as a vegan than i did when i was still eating meat, etc. 

plant-based cookbooks | life by bri
plant based cook books | life by bri