Imagine ...

Exercising from a place of love instead of a place of self-loathing.
Feeling comfortable in your own body.

Experiencing strength, flexibility, stamina in both the body and mind.

Simple, effective exercise that feels GOOD.

Knowing how to move to reach your body, weight, and health goals.

Removing yourself from the awkwardness that can come from group fitness classes.


Bri Towne is a certified yoga instructor who specially focuses on prenatal and postpartum movement. She has also studied with Sarah Duvall for a postpartum corrective exercise specialist certification. Studying the pregnant and postpartum bodies in both movement and nutrition gives Bri a unique perspective on how this period should be treated.

Movement for the pregnant and new mama should be gentle but challenging. Rigorous but safe. Specialized but attainable.

Healing diastasis recti, or from a cesarian section or simply feeling strong while you grow, birth and nurture a new baby - you’ll find what you need here.

Private Prenatal Yoga or Postpartum Exercise Recovery in the comfort of your own home or via Skype

Single Session: $75

5 Sessions: *10% discount - $337

10 Sessions: *15% discount - $637


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