Oh mama, it’s time to get comfortable.

Pregnancy is a confusing time for any woman. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, there are questions, concerns, and conflicting advice everywhere you turn (I know - I’ve been there!).

And you’re looking for a support system that will help you not only grow and nourish your new little babe, but will empower you with the simplicity, ease and comfort you’re so craving in this time of your life.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent the last decade building a foundation of health and wellness for the pregnant mama. From my own experience of being a mother of 4, a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and a yoga teacher certification specializing in perinatal movement, and a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist certification - I’ve cultivated the tools you’re looking for to have the best pregnancy possible.

Through my work with Intuitive Eating and the Biopsychosocial Model of health, I connect the mind to the body and the food decisions you make every day. You’ll walk away from coaching with me with the ability to uncover what’s holding you back from reaching your health goals. The past stories *lies* you’re letting make your decisions, how to shut out the external noise trying to tell you to EAT THIS, NOT THAT!, and how to finally cope with stress and shame and fear to eat the way that serves your body, your goals, and your baby.

How would it feel to learn …

How to respect and love your body and accept all the pieces that make you you?
How to eat in a way that
nourishes your body and mind?
What foods are
actually off-limits and what you can indulge on?
Safe and effective exercises for a stronger body during pregnancy, easier labor and quicker recovery?

Food shouldn't be confusing. Exercise shouldn’t be scary. It shouldn't be hard. And while diet and exercise companies try their hardest to convince you that you need xyz calories and abc fats, the real work begins in the mind and in your heart.

Your mindset dictates what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and your motivation for any and all movement. Your mind is the command center of E V E R Y T H I N G. Shouldn't you be focusing on adjusting your mindset before you to anywhere near a diet or exercise plan? That’s why at Hello Nourish we’re all about the MIND + BODY + FOOD approach. You can’t achieve your healthiest pregnancy without all 3 pieces.

The best part? No food is off-limits! You can eat kale and cookies. Coconut water and chocolate milkshakes. No exercise is beyond your ability or your comfort zone. But with the tools and coaching you'll receive with me you'll finally be the one in charge of making those decisions, weighing the options, and listening to what your body is craving and what’s best for your baby.


Confidence + Clarity

for your journey through pregnancy.

The Details

  • 8 calls / 1hr each

  • Email + text support throughout. Out to eat and need advice on what to order? Shoot me a picture of the menu and I’ll give you the best options! At a prenatal yoga class and not sure if you should be lying on your back or propped with a bolster? Text me and I’ll weigh in! Planning your shopping for the week and need help deciding which dinner recipe is the healthiest for you and baby? Shoot me an email!

  • Private Facebook community. Because all mamas need their tribe.

  • Custom meal plan. You’re busy. We get it. We’ll create a custom meal plan together taking in to account your dietary preferences, intolerances, etc as well as the best nutrients and vitamins for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Evaluating food hang-ups and relationships. Stress eater? Stress faster? Stuck in the shame spiral and not allowing yourself to enjoy your food? We’ll use tools from health psychology to unlock the secrets of healthy behavior change that will leave you feeling confident and comfortable about your relationship with food!

  • Hormones and pregnancy and how to deal. Cravings, wacky hormones, nausea - we’ve seen it all. Learn how to handle anything pregnancy throws your way with food, mindfulness and exercise that’s targeted to your specific struggles.

  • Honoring your hunger and making peace with food and exercise. Knowing when you’re full and when you’re hungry isn’t as simple as it sounds. We’ll get you to feel your fullness and honor your hunger and move your body in a way that satisfies and nourishes you and your baby.

  • Upleveling your self love and body image to enjoy this 9 month journey. Your ever-changing body can come with a whole load of mixed emotions and body image issues. If you’re not feeling the “glow”, we’ll face that self-love barrier head on and change the way you view your pregnant body.

  • Exercise and movement - 2-4 video calls for safe and effective prenatal exercise for a stronger pregnancy, easier childbirth and quicker recovery postpartum.

  • Honor your health - prenatal nutrition 101. All the basics you need to know.

You’ll walk away with …

  • Freedom from your past beliefs around pregnancy and wellness

  • Confidence in your choices and your body

  • Clarity surrounding your health and your goals

  • Comfort in knowing you’re taking care of your body and baby in the best way possible

  • Knowledge that you’re getting science and research-based support and education from an expert in the field

  • Simple steps to loving your body, your pregnancy, and your health!


Prenatal $897

Prenatal + Postpartum $1600 (*discount of $200 if purchased together)

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"I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with food and find myself feeling flabbergasted by it or ashamed of what I eat. After just a one hour coaching session with Bri, I felt like I had tools to help me curb my impulses around my biggest food pitfalls and strategies to more realistically approach my diet without guilt. The knowledge I gained from Bri was invaluable and is definitely helping me to take healthier and happier steps towards body positivity."

Caitlin | Satisfied Client