5-week Cozy group wellness coaching program for ladies who love food


5 weeks of powerful group coaching for ladies who love food to be filled with knowledge, courage, radical self-love and acceptance.


repair your relationship 

Healthy is a tricky word. I encompasses a whole host of things and trying to do it all is exhausting. I know, I've been there. I'm sure you have too. Trying to wade the waters of the 'wellness world' and being utterly confused or just fed up at how tricky it is to navigate. Eat this - not that, exercise this way, meditate 23 hours a day, give up sugar, and mac & cheese, and all of your favorite things. But here's the real kicker - the thing that none of these diet or exercise health tips tell you - HOW DO YOU DO IT? It's not enough to say you're going to lose 10 pounds or kick sugar to the curb (does that include natural sugars found in fruit? carbs that turn in to glucose? this is confusing stuff!), you have to actually know WHY you want it, WHAT is holding you back, and HOW to create goals that will actually finally get you closer to your ideal healthy lifestyle.

In these 5 weeks working together, you will learn exactly the tools I use with my 1:1 clients to uncover your true motivations for health change. You'll create a powerful sense of self-efficacy (which, research shows is the first and absolutely necessary step to creating change), say goodbye to past stories *lies* that have shaped your relationship with health, and then dive in to the practical nitty-gritty nutrition and exercise once your head is clear and in the right place. You'll finally have not only the tools in information to live that healthy lifestyle you're craving RIGHT NOW but the elevated mindset to help you get there. Not only that - but you'll join a group of ladies on the same path towards their best healthy life. Share resources, fears, challenges and desires. Support each other, lift each other up, empower one another. All under the guidance of a your very own wellness expert. The content for each week is delivered via an online portal. You'll work through it at your own pace and receive check-ins from me delivered to your inbox each Monday. Group chats will happen every week in the Facebook community and you'll receive TWO 1-hour coaching calls with Bri 1:1. 

Does this sound familiar?

  •  Do I really have to give up my favorite foods to be healthy?
  • How can I harness enough willpower to actually make this work?
  • Will anyone understand what I'm going through?
  • What are the best snacks for me to munch throughout the day?
  • Am I creating a healthy bod to grow and nourish a family one day? 
  • How can I lose weight and feel super energized without totally hating myself?
  • What are these cravings all about?
  • What if my old friends don't understand my new healthier lifestyle?

    I know. I've been there. Over the last 6 years I've been on a path to discover not only my own path to a healthier body and relationship with food but a path of true self-discovery. Through exploring food and exercise, I have become a more confident, comfortable version of myself - finally feeling like I have purpose and I'm enough. But I also know what it's like to feel completely hopeless and helpless and confused and stressed and alone. I also know what it's like to be completely empowered, strong and confident when choosing foods or approaching a workout. Our biological, psychological and social needs are all connected and all affect our bodies and minds. In this program, we'll narrow in on the biopsychosocial model which is a fancy way of saying 'health' is a combination of not just body and mind but also social connections. True health cannot be achieved in a vacuum. It can't come from going alone. The way we interact with one another directly affects our health and wellness.

I went through it alone. But you don't have to.



Clarity. Confidence. Community.

The path to the healthy lifestyle you're craving without depriving yourself of your favorite things. 

Our work together will help you ...

  • Discover helpful tools to use when stress takes over your mind and you can't make thoughtful decisions about food and exercise.
  • Know what to eat and how to move your body for your specific health goals. Custom meal & exercise plans included.
  • Alleviate the uncomfortable feelings that surround a lot of health trends and remove the stigma that healthy is boring or bland.
  • Discover a tribe of ladies to support, uplift and empower you beyond anything you could achieve alone.

How would it feel waking up every morning knowing there was a group of women out there just waiting to hold space for you?

How would if feel if you could go through your day, week, months confident and comfortable with your diet choices?

What if you knew exactly what to put in your body to make your body feel nourished, satisfied and not at all uncomfortable? 

What if instead of counting all of your calories you ate with ease and confidence knowing it's all working perfectly?

What if you would go to sleep every night at ease with yourself and everyone around you because you know you're doing the right things for you and your family?

What if you no longer let fear and shame or weird looks from strangers and friends dictate what or how or where you eat?


Hey girl,


Bri here :) There's a lot to think about here and you're probably thinking 'gosh how do I know if this is right for me?' I'm so proud of you for making it this far and taking the next step in this incredible journey. I had no support system during my healthy change experience. No one going through it with me to hold my hand. No one to guide the way. My life during that time consisted of so much anxiety I was carted off the to Emergency Room at 6 months pregnant for a massive panic attack. Fear. Stress. Lack of knowledge and support. They plagued my daily activities. And I found that the way out of the spiral was through social support, healthy lifestyle changes, and food that nourishes but doesn't suck. That's why I created this program for you. So you don't have to suffer the way I did. So you can feel empowered, comfortable, excited about your health change. This experience is confusing and scary and lonely - until you find your tribe, an expert to guide you, and the strength within yourself to follow through. Ready to take the next step to a healthier mind, body and spirit? Click the button below or scroll on :) xo bri

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overcoming your fears and anxieties about food & exercise

uncovering your past stories about health

elevate your sense of awareness of your body and your food habits

become empowered to take back control of your diet and your mindset

immerse yourself in a community of like-minded mamas on the same journey


discover the secrets to setting goals that actually work for you

uncover the secret of honoring your hunger and what exactly to eat to get there

build a stronger foundation on which to grow on your health journey

understand the energy needs for your own body & how to get there

access the place within you that intuitively knows when true hunger has arrived


develop a true understanding of nutrition and exercise as it pertains to your goals

feel encouraged and empowered as you begin to rely on your innate senses to cue your eating habits

begin to move through your custom plan (outlined in your private 1:1 with Bri)

discover how a "real food" diet can create lasting change and health

become empowered to take back control of your diet and lifestyle



learn the secrets of meal planning and prep for the busy lady

enlighten yourself with the power of plants and how you can combine them for optimal health

gain confidence when encountering the "well meaning" people in your life who question every move you make

transition to seamless, simple, healthier meals

continue to learn the tools you need to sustain your change


challenge the food police and allow your cravings

discover the secret behind "good foods" and "bad foods"

receive exclusive database on foods for each vitamin, mineral, etc that you are searching for

replace preconceived ideals about nutrition and health with ones that fill you up instead of tear you down


discover the power of positive self-talk and body image 

create an elevated sense of awareness of yourself, your body and your baby

eliminate fear and stress by knowing you have all the tools, power and support you need to move beyond the status quo

CELEBRATE the transformation you've achieved!

enrollment open NOW - next group begins June 11.2018



Every week, you will have access to live coaching with Bri. Your questions will be answered and each call will be recorded to revisit in the future. The calls will last 90 minutes-2 hours depending on the topic and how many questions everyone has!
VALUE: $800


You don't have time to create meal plans and shopping lists for yourself while you're working through all the other roadblocks, stressors and learning going on in your life. During one of our private 1:1 sessions, we will create a custom meal plan that works for YOU and your body, your sensitivities, and your goals. 
VALUE: $145


This is what we're all really here for right? *raises hand* This community is YOURS. You get to grow within your own body and experience with ladies going through the same. You'll share ideas, resources, questions and concerns all moderated by me. These women will become your own grove, your friends, your sisters as you grow together.


As a stress expert (both in practice - #anxiety, and training), I know how to cope, overcome and REPAIR stressors and the effects of stress in our lives. You'll receive the tools I use in my own practice as well as coping mechanisms from other experts in the field. You'll get access to meditations, breathing exercises, yoga asanas and reading lists.
VALUE: $350


You're not here to get a list of foods and be done with it. You're here to get your power back and feel super comfortable and cozy about it. To be the one in control of your body and your food and your exercise. That is what this program will give you. I don't go halfway - we're going to get you ALL THE WAY to your most empowered self. At the end of the day - YOU are in charge and I'm going to help you get there so you can experience the true empowerment transformation.


You will receive 2 private coaching sessions with Bri throughout the course of the program. Each sparkly human is different and if your specific questions, eating habits, needs aren't brought up in our group calls, this is your chance to gain clarity. I want you to walk away leaving nothing on the table so use these coaching sessions to really dig in and get it all out there!
VALUE: $400



I work with women looking for a comfortable and empowered health journey.
You'll know this is for you if:

  • You want to know how to meal plan & prep to save time and energy without sacrificing taste and nutrition.

  • You want to know how to overcome and accept cravings and additions.
  • You want to know which foods will nourish you body without giving up the ones you love.
  • You feel out-of-control and alone and you wish someone would just hold your hand and say "hey, I'm in this too."
  • You're ready to ditch the books and the blogs and the "shoulds" and "musts" and "don'ts" and live your best life, eating delicious foods, moving in ways that makes you feel good and feeling absolutely comfortable within your own body.

one last thing

ready to start your journey?


One last note from Bri

You don't have to do this alone wondering what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong. You can have a tribe and a community behind you to guide you through this journey - and my years of experience, knowledge and training to help guide you. I can't wait to serve you.

xo bri